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Andrea Allen for Recorder – My name is Andrea Allen and I'm running for Utah County Recorder. I have worked for the Utah County Recorder’s Office for 27 years and it has been my honor to serve the great citizens of Utah County as the Assistant County Recorder for the last six years.


The Recorder’s duty is to you, the citizens, and that sense of duty to serve you in the best and most efficient way possible is what drove me to run for this office.  It is a part of who I am.  I am uniquely qualified to take on this position and I am highly invested in serving you with the utmost integrity, accuracy, and efficiency.

The Recorder’s Office records, indexes, and maintains, county records for public record.  It is a technical job where accuracy is essential.  People depend on us to get things right.  It is also important that we provide user friendly access to county records.  Utah County was the first in Utah to offer public access to our records free of charge.  I am committed to maintaining free public access through increased efficiencies as the county grows.

I know the ins and outs of how the Recorder’s Office operates.  I know what has worked well and what hasn’t.  I know where we can work toward improvements to maintain our level of service as our county experiences enormous growth.  If I am elected, the Record’s Office won’t skip a beat during transition as there won’t be the normal learning curve. I am ready to serve now, and that is especially important as we face our current challenges.

I believe that leadership is not just managing, it is having a vision of where you need to go and inspiring a team to work together to get there.  As Assistant Recorder I have helped to lead our department in times of good economic health, as well as in the leanest of times.  I will continue to lead with unmatched experience to ensure our office is run productively and efficiently.  I will ensure the Recorder’s office continues forward progress in serving the public effectively and efficiently through wise use of current and developing technologies while remaining dedicated to long-held high standards.  Our office prides itself on solid working relationships across other County Departments, especially those focused on your property rights, which benefits property owners.  I have helped foster those important relationships and will continue to focus on relationships that help us serve you better.

The Recorder really serves the citizens in two ways:

  1. We must maintain accurate records
  2. We must ensure user friendly access to those records

AND by remembering that every dollar we use doing that job, comes from you, we stay vigilant in the effective and wise use of those funds.

I am absolutely committed to both of these aspects of the job and I am uniquely qualified to do the job, day one.  It’s not a flashy job, but it is a vital one.

Utah County is my home. I was born and raised in Utah County, my ancestors helped establish this county and my children are now raising their families here.  My dedication to Utah County’s success runs deep.

I hope that you will join me in working to make our great county an even greater success!