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Endorsements – Andrea Allen for Recorder


Jeff Smith – Current Utah County Recorder

“I am supporting Andrea Allen because she has the skill set to continue making the Recorders office one of the best in the state, and her drive and ideas have been key in achieving the success we have had up to this point. She continually looks for ways to make things better and is unwilling to say things are good enough. Join me in voting for Andrea Allen for Utah County Recorder!”

Randall Covington – Utah County Recorder (1995-2009) 

I worked in the Utah County Recorder’s Office for 31 years—15 years as the Utah County Recorder. During that time I worked with Andrea Allen on mapping and taxing issues. Over the years her input into the development and support of the current Recorders office system has been invaluable. 

Andrea is the most knowledgeable person I know of who understands the function of the Recorder’s Office. 

I am currently a citizen of Utah County and am very interested in good government. I highly recommend Andrea Allen be elected to the position of Utah County Recorder in the upcoming election. I feel that her directing the office will greatly help the accuracy of the land records system in the office and contribute to the fairness of the property tax system. 

Karen O Jordan – Former Assistant Utah County Treasurer

I am pleased to endorse Andrea Allen for the position of Utah County Recorder. She has been a friend and colleague for the past 40 years and I have found her to be dependable, efficient, and the holder of a vast amount of knowledge within the County Recorders’ Office. Andrea possess excellent leadership qualities and displays her dedication to her work by
listening, advising, and implementing vital procedures throughout her career. She loves people, and continually lifts the spirit of those around her.
I am confident in her ability to become the next Utah County Recorder and fully endorse her campaign.

Ron Smith – Former Utah County Assessor

Sometimes the voters of Utah County are fortunate to have a customer service oriented candidate who also possesses institutional knowledge that comes with decades of dedication.  Andrea Allen, standing for Utah County Recorder, is such a person. She has my endorsement.

When I became the newly-elected Utah County Assessor (back in the day), Andrea was already on staff, bringing that needed knowledge and (much to my delight) a marvelous ability to work effectively with the public. Andrea brought to each assignment the competency and ethics required to promote and maintain public trust.

After a few years, Andrea took an assignment with the County Recorder’s Office (much to my dismay), honorably serving four recorders. That turned out to be a blessing for the Assessor’s Office since property appraisal depends so heavily on accurate property ownership, description, easement and historical abstract data, all functions of the recorder.  The same accurate, timely information furnished other county and state offices was, of course, provided with the same level of service to the public. That’s the way it should be.

As you know, many county offices are elected rather than appointed.  I hope this continues. Rather than having the recorder, sheriff, attorney and others appointed by the Utah County Commissioners or the State Tax Commission, I appreciate the independence of these offices, responsible directly to the voters.  We can trust delegates and voters to make wise choices.

I left elective office after twelve years.  With this year’s departure of the current Recorder Jeff Smith (no relation, but I would be glad to call him “cousin”), Andrea Allen is prepared and ready to serve.  She has my endorsement. She has Jeff Smith’s endorsement. In this year of highly unusual, social distanced, e-mail and phone call communication politicking, I invite you to give Andrea Allen your vote of confidence.

Sherry Bullock – Utah County Information Systems Department Systems Analyst/Programmer III, Retired 

I am a retired 36 year veteran of Utah County Government, having worked the last 22 years of my career for the Information Systems Department and the first 14 for the Assessor’s Office. 

I first came to know Andrea while working for the County Assessor. She had been hired as a young 18 year old straight out of high school to maintain the Assessor’s Office ‘mini’ abstract. This was the at the tail end of manual abstracting in the county, and in that capacity she was able to objectively review name changes, boundary line agreements and segregations for any potential errors. Her function in that role became so vital to both the Assessor and Recorder that they eventually worked together to create an official Recorder’s Office position for Andrea that virtually eliminated costly, time consuming fixes. She went on to become a Certified Cadastral Mapper and eventually Assistant Recorder, a position she has held for the past several years. In this position Andrea works closely with the Recorder, Assessor and Treasurer in all things related to taxing and collecting. Her position also has her working closely with the County Commission and various planning boards, realtors and developers. 

Andrea worked intimately with the Information Systems director, database administrator and lead programmer in helping to develop the desktop and weby Land System, one of the finest in the state. She is THE go to person for any questions the development team has regarding the recording process – including abstracting, document recording and retrieving, and digital mapping. 

Throughout all of her years with the Recorder’s Office, the quality of recordings has always been of utmost importance to her. The public recognizes this even if they unaware that she is the one who, throughout the years, has stood up to any attempt to circumvent the department’s quality controls. 

It is for these, and many other reasons, I would like to fully endorse Andrea Allen for the Office of Utah County Recorder. There is LITERALLY NO ONE who is more qualified, dedicated or fit for the role. 

Jason Thurlow – Utah County Recorder’s Office Employee

I highly recommend Andrea Allen to serve the citizens of Utah County as the County Recorder.  She has diligently worked in both the Utah County Recorder’s and Assessor’s Office for over 35 years.  During her 27 years in the Recorder’s Office, she has worked in many roles helping all employees perform their duties.  She has worked as a mapper as well as the mapping supervisor and is currently the Chief Deputy Recorder. She knows all duties of the Recorder’s Office including being a decision maker in the most vital and important aspects of the Recorder’s Office including managing all office procedures and workers.  As a current employee of the Recorder’s Office of 23 years I know what an important role she plays to accomplish all the work of the Recorder’s office. She currently works very close with the current Utah County Recorder in all decisions that affect our office. Especially in this time of the virus affecting our office, Andrea took quick action to protect our employees so that we could still work efficiently through this time.  She made sure she was in the office every day to provide the employees working from home a way to complete their work. I have been in many professional meetings that included attorneys, surveyors and title workers with her and she provides a voice for our office that helps us in our work and relays information back to all her employees. Her many years and knowledge of many Utah County employees from all offices is vital to our office.

Please vote for Andrea Allen for Utah County Recorder so she can continue to use her knowledge and experience to move our office into the future.

Wade Taylor

With my job in the title industry, I’ve worked daily with the recorders office for over 25 years. The current county recorder is retiring.  Having worked with that office, I would be happy to discuss with you the recorders position and those who are campaigning. 

I would strongly recommend Andrea Allen. Andrea has been in that office for the many years that I have worked with them and has the most experience far and away above any of the other candidates.  Andrea is intimately aware of all of the duties and management of the Recorder’s office. She is skilled and respected across the industry. Please contact me with any questions about the office and the candidates.  Again, I would ask you to cast your votes for Andrea. 

S. Junior Baker – Spanish Fork Attorney

I am recently retired as the Spanish Fork City attorney. I served in that position for 31 years. During that time, I had many occasions to be involved and work with the Utah County Recorder’s office. There were times that was a very frustrating process. However, once I came to know Andrea, the frustrations went away. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. She nearly always knew the answer. On the rare occasions she didn’t, she was always quick to find the answer and call back. I don’t just call the office if I have questions, I call to Andrea. I get my questions answered quickly, efficiently, and accurately. 

Andrea has worked in the Utah County Recorders office for many years, now. She has risen to the position of deputy recorder and knows the rules, the policies, and the law as it relates to the county recorders inside out. She not only is knowledgeable, but is willing to help. When there is a problem with the recording, Andrea doesn’t just tell you figure it out, she helps you clearly understand what needs to be done. There is no one better qualified to operate the office than she is. 

I am aware of a matter recently where an individual arrived to record a non-recordable document. This was person was insistent, rude, and belligerent. Eventually this person worked their way to Andrea. She was friendly and patient. After a lengthy discussion, the person left, knowing what needed to be done to accomplish their goal. They were satisfied that they had finally talked to someone who knew and cared about the recorder’s office and them as a County resident. As the face of a public office, I can’t imagine a better person than Andrea to handle that situation. Andrea has the ability and the skill to make that happen. I am confident that she can also have that attitude filter throughout the entire office. 

As the 2020 election nears, please give your support and vote to Andrea Allen for Utah County Recorder.